Kvarts coffee

What should delicious coffee be like?

1. Freshness: freshly brewed coffee has the most intense taste and aroma. Therefore, a good coffee should be freshly roasted and cooked just before serving.
2. Aroma: a pleasant aroma is an essential attribute of good coffee. Good coffee reveals rich notes of aromas such as flowers, fruits, nuts and herbs.
3. Saturation: A good coffee should have a variety of flavor notes that give it saturation. The richness of taste notes and the depth of taste are the key characteristics of high-quality coffee.
4. Harmony: Good coffee should have a harmonious taste, where each flavor element is balanced and does not dominate others. All the components of taste are mixed to create a more complex and rich taste, which gives pleasure to our taste buds.

In general, good coffee depends on many factors, from the quality of the beans to
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